How to Clean a Cowhide Rug

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In addition to their natural appearance, they are very durable and resistant to stains. However, accidents can occur. If your carpet is stained, don’t worry, there are many cleaning methods that will allow you to remove stains and restore its shine.

Perform a regular cleaning

  • Vacuum regularly on the carpet: Do this as part of your usual cleaning routine. Vacuuming it will keep it clean and prevent dust or stains from accumulating. Always aspirate in the direction of the hairs.

  • Shake it carpet: Remove the carpet and shake it from time to time removes all the dirt in addition to the vacuum cleaner. Avoid hitting the carpet to remove dirt. Shake the cowskin carpet with enough force to remove all waste.

  • Turn the carpet: If it is placed on the ground, it will wear out and deteriorate over time. If you never change its position on the floor, the carpet will wear out unevenly. This may make it look irregular or more worn than normal. It is important to change its layout to keep any wear equal throughout the surface.

  • Brush it: Regular brushing is beneficial for the cowskin rug, which helps keep it clean and look good. This is a good method to remove dirt from all areas of the carpet, by cleaning the parts that the vacuum cleaner could not reach. It is important to include brushing in your daily cleaning routine so that the carpet retains its shine. Brushing the carpet can be done with a broom or brush with hard plastic hairs. Brush in the direction of the hairs and not in the opposite direction.

  • Don’t wet the cowskin carpet: Although you can use water to clean stains, you should never wet the entire skin as it could be severely damaged. When cleaning your carpet, make sure its exposure to moisture is minimal to keep it in perfect condition. If the carpet is wet, dry it in the sun or air. Never put it in a tumble dryer.

Remove liquid stains

  • Clean the spilled liquid stains quickly: If you just spilled something on the cowskin mat, you should act quickly and clean it. Allowing the carpet to absorb any liquid will make it even more difficult to remove stains. Do these actions as soon as you notice something has spilled onto the carpet to reduce stains.

  • Scrape and remove any dry matter: You may notice that some of the products that fell on the carpet have dried and left a solid residue. You can remove this dirt by scraping with the blunt edge of a knife. Use this side of the tool to gently scrape and remove any dry residue until all that remains is the hair.

  • Use neutral soap and water to remove stains: If there is a small spill stain on the cowskin mat, you can use soap and water to remove it. Use a wet sponge or cloth to apply soapy water to the cowskin mat. You can rub in any direction but be careful not to wet the towel or sponge too much. Don’t use alkaline soaps and products.

  • Complete carpet cleaning: After rubbing it, you should remove any soap residue. Take another cloth and moisten it only with water. Use it to carefully remove soap or remaining stains. Allow the carpet to dry before putting it back in its place. If there are still traces of stain, you can re-clean the carpet to remove what is left. If you can’t eliminate brands on your own, you may want to hire a professional.

  • Don’t wash carpet dry or machine: The use of the washing machine or chemicals for dry cleaning will damage the cowskin carpet. You should remove any stains or spills only by washing it thoroughly by hand.

Remove grease or food stains

  • Remove any solid residue from the carpet: If food or grease falls on the cowskin mat, remove what you can immediately. However, it is likely that some remains remain and stain the carpet. Wait until they dry before removing them by gently scraping with the blunt side of a knife. Do not use the sharp side of the knife. Don’t forget to scrape in the direction of the hairs. You can also use ahard bristle brush or spoon. Don’t scratch too hard.

  • Apply eucalyptus oil to affected area: This substance is used to remove grease and food stains, allowing a complete cleansing of the problem area. Gently apply a little eucalyptus oil to the stain with a cloth. You should only use a small amount on the affected area. Gently apply eucalyptus essential oil to the stain. Be careful not to rub too hard.

  • Use a damp sponge to clean: Once you apply eucalyptus oil in small touches to the area, you can now clean the stain. Rub the area with a clean, moist cloth to remove stains and eucalyptus oil. Allow the part to dry to see if you have removed the stain. Only use a damp cloth. Let the cowskin mat air dry. If the stain is not removed, you may want to have the carpet cleaned by professionals.


Tips to remember

  1. Clean regularly
  2. Clean up the stains immediately.


  1. Do not use powerful chemicals to clean the carpet.
  2. Never use dry cleaning chemicals or a machine to wash the carpet in cowskin.
  3. Do not wet the carpet completely during cleaning. Be sure to use only wet sponges or towels to do this.
  4. Scrape dirt or other residue in the direction of the hairs.

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