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Custom carpet configurator

Carpet configurator to your dimensions with real-time 3D visualization

An exclusive We’re pleased to introduce you to a unique tool: the carpet configurator with real-time 3D visualization. Beneath this complicated term, there is a very valuable feature for the choice of its carpet: the ability to customize her patchwork carpet in cowhide 3D carpet visualization! You can move it and look at it…
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Cleaning a sheepskin

How to wash or clean a natural sheepskin

Sheepskin has natural properties that give it many self-cleaning and antistatic properties, it will still have to take certain measures from time to time. On a daily basis, it only takes regular maintenance, but what to do after a few years? If there’s a task? Or in the face of a very dirty sheepskin? Maintaining…
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Lounge with sofa and carpet in Norman cowhide

Deco chalet: the living room

Dare the cottage-style lounge: natural and cocoon! The chalet-style lounge invites calm and voluptuousness into your interior: the perfect atmosphere to welcome the first snows or spring chirps! 3 chalet-style lounge essentials The Cocoon sofa The cocoon sofa is the king of the cottage-style lounge! Choose it wide,preferably in plain and natural tones:cream, chocolate or…
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Frequently asked questions

Frequent questions (FAQ)

Can a cowhide rug be put on a floor heater? A cowhide mat (skin or patchwork carpet) can be put on a floor heating without any problems. This is also the case for sheepskins, reindeer skins and all natural skins in general. Cowhide from Argentina (or South America) and French cowhides : the comparison You’ll…
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Le magazine Marie-Claire chez Sonia.M Marie-Claire magazine’s must-have address

Sonia, our decorator, received the team from Marie-Claire magazine in her house in Normandy for a photo shoot.
Discover the products in situation!
The tour starts from the outside.

Cottage dining room

Deco chalet: the dining room

The cottage spirit is invited into your dining room Authentic and cocoon, the cottage spirit warms your dining room! From the choice of materials to accessories: our tips for a successful chalet décor. A breath of fresh air in your dining room! The chalet spirit combines authenticity and freshness: so choose the sobriety of natural…
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Why all sheepskincomes from Australia

Why do all sheepskins come from Australia? … or almost.

When we talk about sheepskin, we often hear “Australian Sheepskin”… but why? Australian or New Zealander In fact, the majority of sheepskin found in France and more generally in Europe comes from New Zealand. But by habit or error, we’re talking about Australian sheep. A case of espionage! As bizarre as it may seem, it’s…
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M6, My house is the most original in France

Emission M6 – My house is the most original in France

Participating in the show “My house is the most original in France” broadcast on M6, Sonia, our decorator, received the 3 members of the jury in her house in Normandy!

Comment nettoyer un tapis en peau de vache


Cowskin rugs are perfect for decorating your home. In addition to their natural appearance, they are very durable and resistant to stains. However, accidents can occur. If your carpet is stained, don’t worry, there are many cleaning methods that will allow you to remove stains and restore its shine. In addition to their natural appearance,…
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